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Friday, August 21st, 2009

Is significance significant? (part II)

We cannot statistically prove anything because the statistics themselves lack the power to do so. Yet people still continue to believe they can – mostly because they don’t know what significance means. What can we do to prevent this lack of knowledge from spreading even further?

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Is significance significant? (part I)

Statistical significance has an outstanding reputation. But does it deserve it? How significant is your knowledge of significance? Take this test to find out!

Friday, July 10th, 2009

A quality measure assessing data density: values per page

When it comes to the amount of data in reports, all I can say is: the more, the merrier. If a report becomes hard to read, the design is the problem – not the numbers themselves. Numerous daily newspapers (and fans of a program called DeltaMaster) prove that point day after day.


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