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Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Statistical thinking vs. statistical rituals, Part I

Means are often used as the sole representation to characterize distributions for a collective of data. Yet, these types of shortsighted visualization are highly dangerous. How can we present data so that it reveals more than it conceals – and still makes sense to managers?

Friday, March 30th, 2007

The eight commandments of good visualization

Thou shall honor these eight simple visualization principles of Edward Tufte – or have a darn good reason not to! They apply for the first map carved in stone over 6000 years ago just as they do for contemporary Web sites. Sometimes the best thing that information design can do is simply not to destroy good content.

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Ivy League Rock and Roll – A day with Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte, the world’s most renowned visualization expert, holds legendary information design seminars up to 40 times a year. What an experience!

Friday, March 9th, 2007

Art and Data Analysis I

Data analysis is a true art form. To present your results effectively, you need craftsmanship, creativity and drive. Appropriately, I find that exhibitions and books about art are a source of inspiration for anyone who deals with data analysis.

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

OLAP – a 10 year workaround?

What has happened in the past ten years in the OLAP field? Read about multiple dimensions, virtual hierarchies, MDX statements and planning applications in this discussion between Dr. Nicolas Bissantz, Michael Westphal (head of consulting, Bissantz & Company) and Guido Schrage (head of development, Bissantz & Company). (German only)

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Straight from the horse’s mouth?

All that is subsumed under Web 2.0 seems similar to a guerilla movement: it develops mostly unnoticed by established institutions. I analyze some consequences for your marketing and hint to weapons you should be aware of in this arena.

Friday, January 12th, 2007

When purchasing gets cloudy…

Purchasing is the ugly stepchild and sleeping beauty rolled into one. If you can wake it from its spell, you will reap in treasures of information. What are we purchasing? How can we save? How much? EDS, the largest outsourcer in the world, is a specialist in the field of purchasing control. Learn in this interview with Dr. Jörg Dittrich how this came about and why DeltaMaster plays a major role in the implementation. (German only)

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Good reporting is boring

“Good management is boring” says Peter Drucker and “If you want excitement, don’t go to a good management information system.” We should reflect on this statement if we do not want to amuse but to inform executives.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Business Intelligence 2.0

Is Business Intelligence itself only a hype without any proven benefit for companies? How can it be that successful companies existed before BI? These and other questions are discussed in an Interview with Dr. Nicolas Bissantz. In it, he sketches a modest and honest industry of BI software providers for the future.

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Dashboard or Trashboard?

Adored by the software industry and hated by visualization experts – those colorful little controlling speedometers that are supposed to, at a glance, tell executives whether the company is headed for a brick wall or staying on course. Is the dashboard metaphor really a suitable approach for visualizing key business figures?


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