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Bissantz ponders

Friday, October 8th, 2010


The trilogy is complete: We have published sparklines in three different ways on newspaper. That’s reason enough to take a breather – and take stock of our efforts. We now understand why newspapers have to gather up their courage before they follow in our footsteps.

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Writing with sparklines

Sparklines are eloquent, but monosyllabic. Literally. Dealing with line breaks is anything but easy. We explored these and other challenges in writing with sparklines.

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Sportlines: The first sparklines in a German newspaper

Sparklines are a breathtaking intellectual delight. Especially on paper. Now we have also tried it on newsprint. In Traffic News-to-go.

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Palace evolution

Controlling guerillas aren’t being turned away at palace gates anymore. Discover why that is as well as other lessons learned at our Executive Forum last Monday in Berlin.

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Criss-crossing circles

There is an exception to every rule. Even circles, which we usually blame, are sometimes worthy of acclaim – especially in combination with graphical tables.


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